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Expert Sexually Violent Predator Evaluations by D.A. Morse Consulting
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Evaluations for Sexually Violent Predators/Sexually Dangerous Persons

D.A. Morse Consulting specializes in providing objective, comprehensive, and thorough evaluations for individuals convicted of sexual crimes. Initial evaluations, updated evaluations, and evaluations for conditional or unconditional releases, along with timelines and trial binders, include some of the services provided.

Experience and Education

With over 500 evaluations completed for renowned forensic psychologists and expert witnesses testifying in state and federal courts, D.A. Morse brings extensive expertise in psycho-legal evaluations.  Working in the California Department of Corrections, including mentally-disordered inmate housing units and general population housing units, D.A. Morse obtained the rank of Facility Captain and often worked in the capacity of Associate Warden.  
D.A. Morse possesses a Master of Arts degree in sociology, specializing in criminology; a minor in psychology; and holds a Paralegal Certificate.

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Evaluation Process

The evaluations conducted by D.A. Morse are meticulously referenced using Bates numbers from the provided discovery materials. They incorporate a detailed risk assessment utilizing actuarial instruments and other research-based risk tools, as well as the consideration of relevant protective factors.
D.A. Morse has received formal training in various risk assessment instruments, including Static-99R, Static-2002R, Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised (PCL-R), Structured Risk Assessment: Forensic Version (SRA: FV), Violence Risk Scale – Sex Offender Version (VRS-SO), and BARR-2002R.

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D.A. Morse’s legal acumen and experience in the criminal justice system, along with extensive work in the sexual violent predator/sexually dangers person evaluation process, offers you an invaluable resource to expand your practice.
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